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As a vibrant, female-owned life storytelling firm, we love bringing readers on a journey of connections. Connections with oneself, loved ones and generations to come through the art of great storytelling. We are passionate about the art of preserving all the wisdom, life lessons and family histories for generations to come.

We are passionate storytellers who write with heart.

Meet Timeless Lives

We are passionate storytellers who write with heart.
Learn About Timeless Lives Vision

Our Vision

Helping people find meaning, clarity and connection in their life is core to our vision, and we use the power of empathic, compassionate storytelling to bring these journeys to life in a beautiful, customized book.

Learn about Timeless Lives Values

Our Values

We help you reminisce, reflect and relive the best and most poignant moments of your life.

Passionate Storytellers


We capture your essence and what makes you…you.

Honoring All That Is You


Throughout every interaction, and every part of this process.

Thoughtful and Kind


We are honored to be writing your story and take to heart all that you share.



We combine extensive writing, interviewing, and research skills to bring your story to life.



We ensure that your story is told accurately and creatively crafted and designed to help you relive each moment to its full intensity.



Our Team

As Founder and Chief Experience Curator, Tanya is known for her warmth, passion, enthusiasm, sense of humor and empathy as she guides you through the storytelling process.

Tanya Krim

Founder & Chief Storyteller

Christina is a marketer through and through. Having honed her craft over 20+ years, across numerous professional services, B2B, and marketing agencies, she loves the challenge of connecting brands and customers in meaningful and relevant ways.

Christina Hungspruke

Head of Marketing

Jon has over 38 years of communications experience and creativity for major advertising agencies globally.  He believes that a well-developed and beautifully told story can truly move, motivate and enchant people. 

Jon Brody

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