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Working with Timeless

Timeless will have a thoughtful, yet consistent and repeatable process to ensure a positive experience throughout the customer journey. Consumers will have full access to the Timeless writing team as well as the ability to provide input throughout the story development process. For consumers, the journey will be as follows: 

We make the process of capturing and writing your story as easy as possible

Working with Timeless Lives in eight easy steps

Eight Easy Steps

From the outset, we take the time to listen. Before the process begins, we meet with you via phone or video to discuss your vision and goals for the book so we can provide the experience you desire, and an outcome you will cherish.

To kick-off your project, you will receive our welcome packet explaining the process and a personalized questionnaire to help you gather your thoughts, photos and stories.

Our expert interviewers uncover and bring to life stories that capture your true essence and that of the world in which you have lived. Depending on your package, we'll schedule interview times and length appropriately. Interviews will be conducted to help form the consumer’s narrative, and unearth important nuggets of information that can further help develop the story.

While the interviewing process is underway, we ask that you share photos you would like to include on the cover and in the book.

After the interviews are conducted, the Timeless team will begin to weave your stories into a narrative that will become your special book.

We want you to be an active participant in your story development. Throughout the process, we'll update you and ensure that you provide feedback. 

We want to make sure that you’re happy with your book. So we send you a digital version to review and provide us with any final feedback prior to print.

Your beautiful, customized book will be delivered to you in a special box, along with a final digital copy of your book to share. 

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