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Jon Brody, Consultant

Jon Brody, Timeless Lives Consultant

Jon has over 38 years of communications experience and creativity for major advertising agencies globally.  He believes that a well-developed and beautifully told story can truly move, motivate and enchant people. 

  • He has an impressive record of helping create communications programs for major corporations such as Sony, Nike, IBM, M&M Mars, Pfizer, Abbott, P&G, and others

  • His passions include sports, travel, history, dogs, cooking and movies

  • Jon received his B.A. in Marketing from Penn State University and his MS in Public Health and Gerontology from UMass Boston

  • He is a Co-Founder of both Corporate Caregiver Camps and The Vital People LLC, two companies dedicated to improving the quality of life for seniors and those who take care of them

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