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Tanya Krim, Founder and Chief Experience Curator

Tanya Krim, Founder and Chief Storyteller
  • A summa cum laude graduate in French and German from King’s College, London, Tanya Krim began her qualitative market research career in London over 20 years ago. Tanya has her graduate degree in Gerontology at UMass Boston, and is now focused on applying her extensive background in qualitative research to diverse consumer segments – younger as well as older.

  • Has extensive experience in conducting exploratory research and ethnographic research which means that she is used to interviewing people in all sorts of places – from homes to stores, beaches, banks and cafés

  • Known for her warmth, passion, enthusiasm, sense of humor and empathy which she utilizes to engage her respondents in a friendly, inviting manner

  • Some of the most emotive research she has conducted has been in the healthcare field with breast cancer survivors as well as elderly patients suffering from a range of medical conditions including anxiety, depression, osteoporosis, and R.A

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