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  • Christina Hungspruke

It’s time to move beyond social media…and focus on ‘Getting Real’

Updated: Mar 15

Every life is a universe. And everyone has a story to tell.

At Timeless Lives, we recognize the power of the individual and his/her own story. And the truth is that telling one’s story and discovering the joy of becoming part of something greater is special. 

But social media has changed how people connect and share their stories. Most times, it doesn’t really do our stories justice as it doesn’t provide that satisfying ‘deeper dive’ into the thoughts and experiences of an individual! It’s more about crowd-think when a kind of collective mentality takes over, so people run the risk of losing their individuality. 

According to Statista, in 2023, globally nearly 5 billion people were using at least one form of social media. It is popular as it offers the delights of instant gratification, colorful, appealing visuals, laughter and/or powerful shock value. It can help forge connections and create communities of people – such as those with autistic kids or of a certain age – who wish to interact with those in a similar situation/life-stage or who are like-minded - passionate about a social or political issue or hobby. It generates a high level of engagement which makes it addictive. It has also become a valuable channel for public figures and others to telegraph messages quickly, without reliance on traditional media.

However, it can also send the wrong messages quickly spreading inaccurate information or promoting unrealistic portrayals of people and their life. It also prizes brevity and superficiality. As such, it fails to enable its creators and viewers to acquire a true understanding and insight into some of the quintessentially human scenarios or issues it displays.

Because of its controlled, snapshot-in-time status, oftentimes it fails to reveal the true reality – including attitudes and behaviors - of the person posting it.  Most, but not all posts also generally lack real depth or breadth because that is their nature. And certainly, the pressures of social media to show you’re ‘living your best life’ is there and is a hard habit to break. Sure, there are some people that pour their hearts out on social - but most posts wind up being like a hasty conversation with a person- short, snappy and touching on highlights and not what’s underneath. And oftentimes, we don’t even think about wanting to know more…we simply ‘like’ an image or post and move on. 

But what’s REALLY behind those posts?  We do not know how many times it took someone to produce that perfect-looking picture in front of Big Ben in London with her four closest friends. You don’t know if someone’s dealing with infertility or if someone close to them was just diagnosed with cancer. You don’t know if someone’s kid is being bullied at school or whether her best friend’s husband can’t go to work as he is in a deep depression. 

But if we actually did ask those questions like…how did you feel at that moment? Why did you decide to go/do something? What did you talk about?  Oh! The stories we’d tell! We all have lived, seen and felt stuff - and that stuff is the real story to share - whether it be pouring out your feelings in a journal, sharing it with a friend while sipping an iced coffee at a local chi-chi café, talking to a professional or even posting (albeit briefly) on social media.  Sharing all that stuff can help us reflect and find connection. It may help someone get to know us in a different light, and it could draw us even closer to someone on a deeper, more personal level. 

The truth is that even in our very digital 2024 world, people are still people. And, as in previous generations, it is important and restorative for human beings to articulate their thoughts and feelings in a fuller, more authentic and profound fashion not just via a couple of pictures and pithy, uber-concise social media sentences. 

Traditional storytelling has been, and will continue to be, a valued part of human life. Sharing individual stories builds relationships and leads to a collective identity. It promotes reflection, connection and social support. It can also foster empathy, help us discover commonalities and embrace our diversity. 

Narrating one’s story in greater detail – whether about a joyous or painful experience - can help transform fear, anxiety, pain and suffering into wisdom, insight, perspective, hope and strength.  Chronicling it all offers rich insights into the profound thoughts and emotions at diverse moments in your life and can later serve as a source of healing for you and future generations of loved ones who may benefit from learning about your experience. 

At Timeless Lives, we don’t just show snippets of you living your best life. We bring your full story to life authentically with all those interesting details – the ups, downs and everything in between. It is this kind of storytelling which helps us retain the truth about ourselves and our loved ones. It allows us to share and preserve information about a friend or grandparent’s favorite phrases, clothes, habits, foods and attitudes. 

We also believe that reminiscing, reflecting on and reliving all you have been through can be cathartic as it can recharge you and others. Turning your ‘big’ Life moments into words which capture your journey can help you emerge on the other side – feeling imperfect yet empowered, accomplished and whole. And because sharing the realness and diversity of our humanity honors who we are as individuals and a Society, it also helps us recognize that we are not alone in this great universe. 

Telling your real story honestly and fully, and being boldly, unapologetically you is a liberating experience! Go do it with Timeless Lives at your side!

Ready to tell your story? Reach out to us today. 


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