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  • Tanya Krim

A Fresh Take on Personalized Storytelling: Authentically Customized, Caring, and Creative 

I am incredibly excited to share that I’ve started a new venture, Timeless Lives - a personalized storytelling service. 

This service is unlike the DIY storytelling service experience you see all over social media where all the work is on you to answer the questions and write them up. We do the heavy lifting for you. 

Our vivacious and empathic Timeless Lives team takes the time to interview you and carefully listen to your story. Our talented writers then capture your experiences, insights and emotions and turn these into a beautiful, hand-crafted book for you to share with your loved ones - for generations to come. 

As many of you might know, I love stories and storytelling, perhaps because my beloved late father was always a fabulous raconteur (storyteller).

As he got older, I realized that I wanted to capture all his stories and treasured life lessons to share with my own children. During COVID, I finally managed to interview him for hours on Zoom and ask him numerous questions about his life and his experiences. It was an eye-opening, cathartic, and therapeutic experience for both of us. There was a fair amount I didn’t know about his life and the process created an even tighter, deeper bond between us. I then wrote up his life story and collected all the photos/memorabilia to accompany the storylines, and got it beautifully bound.

I gifted it to him for his milestone 80th birthday which was, unfortunately, his last birthday on Earth. It has since become a loving tribute to him for both family and friends. And for our family, it will be treasured and passed down for many generations to come. 

It is this experience with my father which is the source of inspiration behind Timeless Lives. 

In our complicated world, looking back and appreciating the people, values and cherished lessons of yesteryear are a beacon of light and hope.  And let’s face it, we all need a little more connection and TLC in today’s often-cold, superficial digital world. Timeless Lives gives you just that.  

Be prepared to laugh, cry and cherish life as never before with our team!  Because we love helping people nostalgically reminisce, reflect upon and relive their most meaningful moments to find clarity and connection – between people and their past, present and future.

Through the power of empathic storytelling, we help bring your experiences and journeys – happy and sad - to life to preserve the wisdom, life lessons and family histories for generations to come. Because memories are sacred.

We write Fertility Journey Stories, Cancer Journey Stories, Milestone Birthday and Anniversary Stories as well as funny shared-experience stories which can be gifted to friends or colleagues by other friends/colleagues. Think Birthday Bash Book Stories or Mirthful Menopause Musings or Office Tales.

Let us tell your story….connect with me today to get started!


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